The Dangers and Warning Signs of Bad Brakes

When it comes to automotive safety, your brakes are probably the most important component of your vehicle. Without a properly working braking system, you can get into a serious accident that can cause damage to your car along with some pretty scary injuries. While it’s something that is fairly easy to overlook, you should pay special attention to the health and condition of your brakes in order to keep yourself, your passengers, and other drivers safe on the road. Read on for some helpful information about brakes and what to look for if you think yours might be going bad.

Bad Brakes are Dangerous

If your brakes are defective, it can prevent your vehicle from stopping in time to avoid hitting another vehicle or object. Every driver has a duty and responsibility to ensure that their brakes are in good condition and proper working order. Today, brake-related accidents are more common than ever before, which means that fewer drivers are aware of the signs of slipping brakes. If you haven’t had a brake inspection performed in some time, now is a great time to call your mechanic and get one scheduled.

Warning Signs of Bad Brakes

Your brakes will give off several signs that indicate they’re in trouble. It’s up to you to be aware of these red flags so you can get them repaired immediately. Pay close attention to sounds, sights, and smells when you drive that could indicate a potential issue with your braking system. If you notice that your car shakes when you brake or that your brake pedal feels spongy, it’s time for a brake inspection. Loud screeching or squealing noises are other indicators of a possible brake malfunction. Listen for rubbing and loud, high-pitched sounds whenever you turn or hit the brakes.

If you feel a grinding feeling when you brake, this is also a serious red flag. Any of these signs should be reason enough for you to take your vehicle to the professionals at Ultimate Auto Repair for a thorough brake inspection. We can check the rotors, drums, and brake pads as well as your brake fluid levels. With a simple check, you can ensure that your brakes are healthy so you can stop on time. And, even if there’s nothing wrong with your brakes, it’s always better to have peace of mind.

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