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Welcome to Ultimate Auto Repair where you can get the “ultimate” car repair experience.

We are a full auto repair shop serving Jackson & Spring Arbor, MI and the surrounding areas.

Brake Repair & Service

Your brake system could mean the difference between an accident and leaving a scary situation safely. Ultimate Auto Repair has the experts in brake repair and maintenance. We can fix any brake in both old and new models of vehicles! Schedule an appointment with the top brake mechanic in Jackson & Spring Arbor, MI today!

Tune Ups

When you come for a tune-up, our expert mechanics will perform a thorough diagnostic check on your vehicle so you can get back on the road safely.



Putting off a transmission repair can make the damages worse and repairs more costly. Bring your vehicle in today for a visit with our professionals.

Oil Changes & Service

It’s important to change your oil, but when you should have an oil change depends on your vehicle and how you drive it. Schedule an appointment with Ultimate Auto Repair and our technicians would be pleased to help you figure out when you should have an oil change.


computer diagnostics

Repair & Service

high performance engine repair

Repair & Service


About Us

Ultimate Auto Repair is a locally owned and operated auto repair shop in Jackson & Spring Arbor, MI. We offer service such as tune-ups, oil changes, and car repair service available for all makes and models. A certified master mechanic with over 22 years of experience is on staff, ensuring you the quality of work we provide. Experience affordable prices and honest work here at Ultimate Auto Repair, your Jackson & Spring Arbor mechanic.

Ultimate Auto Repair – Your Full-Service Auto Repair Shop in Jackson & Spring Arbor, MI

Ultimate Auto Repair is more than just a locally-owned and operated auto repair shop. We are a full-service shop ready to maintain and repair your vehicle whether it’s domestic, imported, or hybrid. We are a certified master mechanic, and we bring this training plus 22 years of experience in the auto service and repair industry to every vehicle in our care.

Auto Repair

We don’t want your car, truck, or SUV to break down any more than you do, but breakdowns happen. When they do, you can count on us to bring our experience to the repairs, alongside a commitment to keep your repair bill under control.

Brake Service

If your vehicle shudders when you tap the brake pedal, if the brakes squeak or squeal, or if your automobile doesn’t stop as easily as it used to, call us right away. Don’t take chances with your brakes. We’ll maintain and replace them for you.

Engine Repair & Service

We’re teens at heart who have a perpetual need for speed. We love performance vehicles, especially ones we can customize. Just come in and tell us what you want your custom muffler system to do and we’ll turn your dream into a reality.

Transmission Services

We don’t care if you drive an automatic or manual transmission. We can maintain, repair, or rebuild it. Don’t forget about the transmission when you schedule your vehicle’s maintenance. It has service milestones, too.

When We Say Full-Service Auto Shop, We Really Mean It

The services mentioned in the boxes above aren’t everything we do. For example, if your car, truck, or SUV won’t start, it could be the battery, the starter, or the onboard computer. Suppose your ride has been a bit bumpy lately. That’s a sign it’s time for new struts. Are your neighbors fed up with being awakened at the crack of dawn when you start your vehicle to head to work? You might have a hole in your muffler.

Computer Diagnostics

Your vehicle’s systems are tied into an onboard computer that monitors all activity and shines a dashboard warning light if there’s an issue. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to tap into your onboard computer to tell us what’s wrong.

Oil Changes

Whether high performance or not, regular lube, oil, and filter services extend the life of your engine. We will get you in and out of our oil change station in no time. We get it. You don’t want to wait around for an oil change.

Tune Ups

Even today’s modern machines need tune-ups; they’re just different. It used to be a tune-up would replace the spark plugs. Today’s engines run on the same plugs for about 100,000 miles, and a tune-up is more of a belt, hose, filter, and fluid check.

Let Us Diagnose and Fix the Problem

We here at Ultimate Auto Repair in Jackson & Spring Arbor, MI, have a mission statement that says it all: “Where old-fashioned integrity meets modern technology.” When you bring your vehicle to us for maintenance or repair, you may rest assured we will provide high-quality service at affordable prices and treat you with honesty and respect. Come visit us today!

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