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oil changeHow often should you have your oil changed? That question is up for debate, but we’re experts in oil changes so you can rest assured we’ll answer it properly for your car, truck, or SUV. Do you really need to have a lube, oil, and filter every 3,000 miles? Maybe or maybe not. It depends on several factors. Come into Ultimate Auto Repair and let us look at your vehicle’s engine and engine oil recommendations. This helps us determine how often you really need to make that pit stop for your vehicle and what makes us the best choice for an oil change in Jackson, MI.

Oil Change Near Me – Things We’ll Consider

Your automobile’s make, model, year, engine type, and oil requirements help determine how often you need an oil change. How you drive it also plays a role in service frequencies. For example, most new cars, trucks, and SUVs can go 7,500 miles before they need oil changes. If you drive a new Ford, Porsche, or Volkswagen, you might be able to go as long 10,000 miles. Toyota’s new Prius 1.8-liter and Camry 2.5-liter engines can go that long with synthetic oil.

If you drive a luxury BMW that runs on synthetic oil, the manufacturer recommends oil changes every 15,000 miles, which is a good thing, because changing the oil in a Beemer is more costly than in a Camry. Throw this out the window, however, during Michigan’s extreme winters or if you drive a long and arduous daily commute. Those who put a lot of rough miles on their vehicles need the oil changed more often, as it breaks down quickly in tough conditions.

We’ve Got You Covered Either Way

If you want your oil changed every 3,000 miles, we’re happy to do that if it’s necessary. We will recommend a longer duration if you don’t need to have it changed that often. There’s no point in spending money you don’t need to. As we suggested above, bring your vehicle in and let us determine the best schedule per the manufacturer’s recommendations and your daily driving. We can fine-tune what the manufacturer suggests to better fit your commute for full-proof protection.

Full-Proof Protection? Yes! Let Us Change Your Oil!

Your oil protects vital engine parts from overheating and failure. It lubricates those parts to prevent friction. Over time, oil breaks down and loses viscosity. It also gets dirty, which can damage the engine. No matter the mileage milestone, don’t put off oil changes. The thinner and dirtier the engine oil becomes, the higher the chance of engine damage. Ultimate Auto Repair 2765 East South Street between Flansburg Road and US 127 South in Jackson MI, can change your oil fast and get you back on the road. Come see us today to schedule a lube, oil, and filter service.

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