tune-up jacksonDoes My Vehicle Really Need a Tune-Up? Yes, it Does!

You might have heard that newer engines don’t need tune-ups, but this is a modern-day urban legend. Your car, truck, or SUV still needs a tune-up. It just isn’t the tune-up of days of old. Ultimate Auto Repair can tune-up older vehicles the old-fashioned way, but we can also tune up newer vehicles with diagnostic and state-of-the-art service equipment. Check your owner’s manual for recommended tune-up services, and then bring your vehicle in when it’s time for your Jackson tune-up.

Signs it Is Time

Your vehicle will tell you when it’s ready for maintenance. In newer automobiles, dashboard lights illuminate when there’s something wrong. In newer and older vehicles, a poorly tuned automobile will act up, if you will, because various parts are on the verge of failing or have already failed. These parts include the air filter, fuel injectors, ignition wires, and spark plugs. Signs you need a tune-up include.

  • An engine that misfires
  • Hard starts
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Poor overall performance
  • Sluggish acceleration

If your car, truck, or SUV is doing any of these things and you haven’t had it tuned up in a while, it might be time for an inspection and service.

Ultimate Tune-Up Near Me

We put ultimate in our business name because we want everything we do to be the ultimate. When you bring your vehicle in for a tune-up, which should be anywhere from every 10,000 miles to every 25,000 miles depending on your automobile, we’ll give it a thorough once over to see what needs to be replaced and what can wait until the next service. During the service visit, we will

  • Inspect and test your spark plugs and plug wires
  • Inspect your belts, hoses, fluids, and filters
  • Check the fuel filter and fuel pump
  • Inspect the fuel injectors
  • Adjust engine idle and timing
  • Ensure the PCV valve isn’t clogged
  • Check vehicle points and condenser

If anything needs to be replaced, we will do so. The good news is today’s spark plugs go 100,000 miles on average before they need to be replaced.

Let Us Tune-Up Your Automobile

You might have noticed by the list above that today’s tune-up isn’t just about the spark plugs. It’s more preventative maintenance, which is crucial to the longevity of your engine. Bring your vehicle into Ultimate Auto Repair at 2765 East South Street between Flansburg Road and US 127 South in Jackson, MI, and let us pop the hood and have a look. We will hook up your vehicle to our diagnostic station and perform the work listed above. Call us today to schedule your Jackson tune-up or service appointment.

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