Oil Change Myths and Your Car

We’re surprised here at Ultimate Auto Repair how many oil change myths are out there. We’d like to list the most common myths we hear and debunk them, because none of them are true. You need to ensure your automobile always has the right type and amount of fresh oil in it, because one thing that isn’t a myth is that you will damage your engine if you don’t change the oil regularly.

Myth: Thicker Oil Protects Better

The thickness of motor oil does not lend a hand as to how well the oil protects the engine. In fact, motor oil thickens as it gets older, which reduces its protection. Anti-wear additives in motor oil are what protect the engine from wear, and these additives do not affect the oil’s thickness.

Myth: Black Motor Oil Must Be Changed

This isn’t necessarily true. Motor oil darkens as it oxidizes so, yes, at some point, it must be changed. This being said, the oil will also darken while doing its job, which, in part, is to remove combustion byproducts. Your oil could be dark but still okay; it depends on how many miles you’ve driven.

Myth: Synthetic Oil Causes Engine Leaks

Many people believe that synthetic oil is too slippery and this causes engine leaks. This myth came about decades ago and it refuses to go away. We’re not sure how it got started, but synthetic motor oil is not too slippery and it won’t cause engine leaks. Rather, it’s protection is the best on the market.

Myth: You Can’t Switch Synthetic and Conventional Oils

We’re not sure how this myth developed either, but you can switch from conventional to synthetic and vice versa. You can choose whatever oil you want at your next oil change. Switching between the types or a hybrid of each won’t damage your engine. The wrong viscosity grade could, however.

Myth: Changing the Oil Is a Ploy to Get Your Money

This myth is dangerous, not only because it isn’t true but also because it can cause catastrophic engine damage. Motor oil does not last forever. In fact, it must be changed more frequently than any other fluid in your automobile. Change your motor oil per your vehicle’s recommendations and oil type.

Myth: Only a Dealer Should Change Your Oil

Okay, this myth is a ploy to get your money. You can take your vehicle to the dealer for oil changes but they usually charge more. You don’t have to take your car, truck, or utility vehicle to the dealer. You can take it to any certified auto service shop for oil changes, preventative maintenance, and repairs.

Ultimate Auto Repair in Jackson, MI, is one such shop. Call us today to schedule your next oil change.

Photo by GordonHeeley from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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