Call Ultimate Auto Repair Right Away if You’ve Got a Cracked Head Gasket

A cracked head gasket is a serious engine problem that could destroy the engine beyond repair. Ultimate Auto Repair can replace the head gasket if you are having any of the problems listed below. These problems are signs that you’ve got a blown head gasket under the hood.

Sudden Coolant Loss

One of the first things that is going to happen is coolant is going to leak out of the engine and into the combustion chamber because the head gasket forms a seal above the chamber to prevent this from happening. Consequently, the engine will get hotter and hotter as the coolant floods the chamber. In fact, your engine may have already been overheating and this is why the head gasket blew.

Instant Overheating

As we just mentioned, the coolant loss will make the engine overheat quickly. You never want the engine’s temperature to exceed 220 degrees Fahrenheit. When this happens, the engine can be severely damaged by the extreme heat. Aside from blowing the head gasket, you can also crack the cylinder block and exhaust manifold. Pull over if your car is overheating to make sure you don’t cause additional damage. Call for a tow truck to bring your vehicle to our shop to protect the engine.

Boiling Engine Coolant

One reason why this is important is that the engine can get so hot that the coolant will boil. You will hear the boiling noises coming from the engine. This creates pressure inside the radiator that could blow the cap right off the top of the radiator. When this happens, scalding coolant sprays all over the place. You could be seriously burned if you are in the vicinity of the radiator at that time.

White Exhaust Smoke

Getting back to the coolant entering the combustion chamber, it will be burned along with the fuel and air while the engine is running. When coolant is burned in the combustion chamber, it creates a white smoke that will flow out of the tailpipe. This is definitely a sign that you’ve cracked the head gasket.

Diluted Motor Oil

Finally, another reason why it’s a good idea to call a tow truck is that the coolant will also mix with the motor oil and dilute it when the head gasket cracks. As you can imagine, diluted motor oil circulating through the engine can damage it severely.

Ultimate Auto Repair in Jackson, MI, would be happy to help, so call us today for an appointment if you are concerned that you’ve blown the head gasket.

Photo by skhoward from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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