What Can Happen to My Car if the Catalytic Converter Is Gone?

It might seem strange that people steal catalytic converters, but they do. The metal out of which the converters are made is in demand. Unfortunately, if your automobile is parked in an insecure location for enough time for the theft to happen, you may end up with the following problems. Have your automobile towed to Ultimate Auto Repair for a new catalytic converter.

The CEL Is On

When you fire up the engine, the check engine light will turn on and refuse to turn off. Because the catalytic converter is missing, the exhaust system sensors will detect problems throughout the system. They will alert the engine control unit of these problems and it will turn on the check engine light. This is your alarm that there is something wrong with your automobile.

The Engine Is Quite Load

You will also notice that the engine is quite loud. It will make roaring sounds that you will be unable to ignore. Unfortunately, this, too, is a sign that the catalytic converter has been taken. The exhaust system handles the exhaust by forcing it out of the exhaust manifold and into the catalytic converter. The converter muffles the noise. Now that it is gone, you will hear the force of the exhaust.

The Acceleration Jerks

This will also cause your acceleration to jerk when you press down on the accelerator. The exhaust manifold is forcing the exhaust into the open air. Consequently, there is nothing to absorb the pressure of the exhaust exiting the manifold. As such, your vehicle will jerk as it accelerates. This, too, is a sign that you do not have a catalytic converter underneath your automobile.

There’s Sputtering

Another sign is your vehicle’s engine sputtering. This will happen when you are driving slowly. The engine performance will regulate as you pick up speed. For some reason, the engine has trouble producing the torque it needs when you are driving at slower speeds when the catalytic converter is gone. It can produce the torque required to maintain higher speeds.

You Can Smell the Exhaust

Finally, you noticed that we mentioned above that you should have your automobile towed to our shop. We recommend that you avoid driving your vehicle when the catalytic converter is missing. As we indicated above, the exhaust manifold forces the exhaust into the open air. Consequently, the exhaust can find its way to your passenger cabin and make you sick.

Ultimate Auto Repair in Jackson, MI, is here to help, and we understand how stressful it is to be the victim of catalytic converter theft. Call us today.

Photo by deepblue4you from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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