Signs My Car Needs a Diagnostic Test

A diagnostic test is a crucial part of determining what is wrong with your automobile. Your vehicle has a main computer chip and system sensors that communicate with each other. If something goes wrong, a sensor will report a specific code to the main computer chip that tells us the exact problem. We can only get this code by running a diagnostic test on your vehicle. Here are signs your car needs a diagnostic test.

The Check Engine Light Is On

The check engine light covers a number of problems. This includes problems with the transmission, the fuel system, and the oxygen sensor. We do not know what is wrong with your automobile based on the check engine warning alone. We must run a diagnostic test to retrieve the code that caused the main computer chip to turn on the check engine light in the first place.

Another Warning Light Is On

Your other dashboard warning lights or more specific, but this does not mean that we know exactly what is wrong. For example, if the oil light turns on, we can usually tell what the problem is without a diagnostic check. It may be time for an oil change. If the ABS light is on, however, we need to run a diagnostic test to find out which ABS part is malfunctioning.

The Engine Is Misfiring

Sometimes, a diagnostic test also produces crucial information if your engine is misfiring all the time. It may point us to a problem with the spark plugs or the main computer chip itself. It may also point us to an issue with the fuel system, such as a clogged fuel filter. We may need to run a diagnostic test to determine the exact problem if the engine is misfiring.

You Hear Strange Noises

Strange noises may also warrant a diagnostic test. It really depends on the noise. For example, if your brakes are grinding, we know that you need new brake pads. If the engine is making a strange roaring noise, however, we may need to run a diagnostic test to see if the problem is with the catalytic converter or the muffler.

Finally, you never want to smell strange things coming from your automobile. We may be able to determine the cause of the odor without running a diagnostic test, such as an odor of rancid eggs. This can mean your catalytic converter is clogged or the battery is leaking. In other cases, however, if the odor does not point to a specific problem, we will need to run a diagnostic test.

Photo by Aramyan from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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