I Have My Furnace Serviced in the Fall, What About My Car?

It’s already starting to rain in Jackson, MI, and Old Man Winter is right around the corner. Ultimate Auto Repair hopes you enjoyed your summer; now it is time for some holiday fun. What isn’t fun during the holidays is automobile repair, but we can help you avoid that. You have your furnace serviced in the fall before the mercury drops to the teens and you should have your vehicle serviced, too.

Exterior Inspection

Several vehicle systems should be checked prior to winter. As you know, rain, sleet and snow create unsafe road conditions. Vehicles run the risk of hydroplaning and causing serious accidents. Don’t be the cause of an accident or an accident statistic. Have a certified auto technician take a look at the exterior of your vehicle to make sure it’s ready for winter weather.

The tires and suspension system work in tandem to help you navigate your vehicle. For peak performance, especially on slick roads, the tires must have plenty of air and tread to prevent the risk of hydroplaning. You want your tires to grip the road, even if it’s wet, but they cannot do so if they are underinflated. Uneven tread or no tread at all also prevents the tires’ ability to grab the pavement.

Bad shocks, struts, springs, steering or other suspension system parts can also reduce your tires’ ability to grab the road effectively. For example, if your struts are worn, your tires will be out of balance and you’ll experience a wobbly ride. The reason for this wobble is the tires aren’t even on the road. You need an even road-grip and reliable steering, too, in case you do hydroplane and need to steer out of it.

Under the Hood

Winter trouble under the hood could include problems with the radiator or motor oil. Antifreeze is critical to your engine when the temperature gets as low as 16 or 17 degrees Fahrenheit. If your antifreeze is old and dirty low, you’ll lose the benefits. This is particularly troublesome if you park outside as is cold and thick motor oil, which loses its viscosity and harms engine parts.

Call Ultimate Auto Repair today to schedule your vehicle’s fall service visit. Whether you drive a truck, car, SUV, foreign or domestic, we can inspect your vehicle and repair any problems that might create a miserable winter for you. We are located in Jackson, MI.