Benefits Of ASE-Certified Technicians

Do you really need to have your vehicle maintained and repaired by ASE-Certified mechanics? No, but there are numerous benefits if you do so. Ultimate Auto Repair employs ASE-Certified technicians because we know our customers want only the best working on their vehicles. What are the benefits of an ASE-Certified technician? Keep reading to find out.


Before an auto mechanic can take the exam to become ASE-Certified he or she must attend training classes. If the mechanic does not have time to take the classes, he or she must study without the benefit of the classroom environment and fellow students to ensure he or she is knowledgeable and competent enough to pass the test. These tests are known for being difficult because ASE will not certify a mechanic unless this mechanic really knows his or her stuff. The purpose of ASE certification is weed out, if you will, incompetent auto mechanics who might not be qualified to work on your automobile.

National Tests

The ASE program for auto-mechanic certification is national, which means mechanics throughout the United States can test for certification. The national certification takes into account automobile standards in every state. For example, not all states have California’s strict emission standards, yet mechanics must be able to prove they are competent to the highest standards, which include nationwide standards and individual state standards. The difference between the states helps ASE structure tests that return truthful results about an auto mechanics overall knowledge and skill set.

Voluntary Program

A mechanic does not have to get ASE certification to work in an auto service shop in the United States. This program is entirely voluntary, so you can rest assured mechanics who opt to put themselves through the testing process are dedicated to becoming the best mechanics they can be. You wouldn’t want any other mechanic working on your car, truck, or SUV, would you? An ASE-certified mechanic takes his or her job seriously and strives to excel in this industry. Otherwise, they wouldn’t subject themselves to the rigorous study and testing processes in order to become certified.

As mentioned above, Ultimate Auto Repair in Jackson, MI, employs ASE-Certified mechanics. We are a full-service preventative maintenance and auto repair shop. Let us show you how well we will treat you and your automobile. You can give us a call to schedule an appointment. We’d be happy to discuss your automotive concerns, isolate, and repair any problems. We’re also happy to maintain your vehicle to keep it safe and efficient.


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