A Clogged Oil Filter Can Affect Your Exhaust

Did you know that a clogged oil filter can introduce excess hydrocarbons into your vehicle’s exhaust? We don’t have emissions testing here in Jackson, Michigan, but if you live somewhere where testing is required, you may end up failing the test if you haven’t had your oil changed recently. A failed emissions test is just one sign that your oil filter is clogged. Ultimate Auto Repair is going to list the other signs below. If you have your oil changed regularly, your oil filter should never get clogged.

Low Oil Pressure

If you don’t have your oil changed regularly, however, there may come a point when the oil pressure in the engine is too low. A clogged oil filter will directly affect the oil pressure. Consequently, you will end up with an oil light on the dashboard to warn you that there is a problem with the motor oil. In this case, you have low oil pressure that can damage the engine. Low levels of motor oil can also damage the engine.

Performance Lag

Your engine may also start to lag in its performance if the oil filter is clogged. This is because it needs fresh oil circulating through the engine to ensure efficient performance. If the oil is dirty or you have no oil circulating through the engine, the engine will sputter and could be damaged beyond repair. It may seem hard to believe that something as simple as changing the oil can improve your engine’s performance, but it can.

Poor Gas Mileage

Until you get the oil changed, your poorly performing engine will use up more gasoline or diesel fuel. Consequently, your fuel mileage will take a hit. The best way to get the best gas mileage out of your automobile is to have the scheduled maintenance performed to ensure the engine is always operating at its best. This includes oil changes every 3,000 miles. When your engine performs at its best, it uses less gasoline or diesel fuel to run.

Strange Engine Noise

Finally, we mentioned briefly above that there may come a point when there is no oil circulating through your engine because of the clogged filter. When this happens, you will hear strange metallic noises in the engine. If you continue to drive your automobile when the engine is making this noise, you run a high risk of damaging the engine beyond repair.

Call Ultimate Auto Repair in Jackson, MI, today to schedule a service appointment for your automobile if it is doing any of the things listed above.

Photo by joebelanger from getty images via Canva Pro

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